Welcome To SRCHIPS!

We are a passionate group of industry experts. Our mission is to help our customers quickly find the electronic components they need at competitive prices.

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Global Procurement Global Procurement

In our extensive global network, our suppliers list unsold inventory sourced from manufacturers and their authorized channels around the world. We can find millions of hard-to-find parts from our trusted sources.

Guarantee Our Products Guarantee Our Products

Every part we sell is guaranteed authentic. Our QC inspection ensures that all packaging, labels and components conform with the original manufacturer specifications.

Provide Market Information Provide Market Information

help customers master the latest market situation, to provide customers with professional knowledge, to provide flexible solutions and proactive services, and also to make your supply chain simpler, faster and more efficient

Quick Customer Support Quick Customer Support

We have customer service agents all over the world ready to help. You can choose chat, email, or phone to find fast, friendly service for your order, quote, or other question.

Welcome To SRCHIPS!
About Us
SRchips is an independent distributor specializing in the distribution of electronic components for medical, automotive, industrial, military, mobile computing and aerospace applications.  Our mission is to help our global customers find the electronic components quickly at competitive prices.
With the rapid development of electronics component industry, we desire our customers to enjoy a one-stop-shopping experience.